Gamakatsu Hooks – Sleek, Robust and Reliable

Sleek, robust and reliable… the expressions which illustrate Gamakatsu hooks best and depict the characteristics which have enabled them to assist me with my greatest captures to date.

Prior to Gamakatsu I resorted to many different brands, usually procrastinating with one before experiencing failure and moving on to the next. It was a few years before I was introduced to Gamakatsu by way of my brother; I mentioned my failures and disappointment and he suggested I try Gamakatsu. It goes without saying that I was hooked, no pun intended. The way these remarkable hooks keep their cutting edge and continue to repeatedly set solid hook ups was nothing short of amazing. Reliability is a characteristic which is paramount in the superstitious world of fishing and the majority of successful anglers will attest to that.

After a few weeks of using Gamakatsu hooks, I wondered why I hadn’t been using them all along!

Ever since that moment of discovery I have left my procrastinating days well and truly behind me and now use Gamakatsu for all my fishing applications. Whether it be targeting bottom, estuary or pelagic species, the hook selection is always the same, Gamakatsu Big Bait.

My greatest capture with Gamakatsu came as a welcome surprise in November of 2017. A good friend (James Campbell) and I were fishing well offshore from Darwin, approximately 90 nautical miles out, around a conveniently untouched area known as Flat Top Banks. Its distance from shore, coupled with turbulent and unpredictable weather systems made it a superb location for any angler willing to commit to the challenge and go the distance.

On the third day we steamed N/E, trolling a deep diver, skipped garfish and a six-inch skirted lure armed with twin 7/0 Gamakatsu Big Bait hooks. The bottom dropped away to 100 meters and as it did my skirted lure was engulfed. We first saw a bill and thought ‘Sailfish?’ Next, we saw a large white upper jaw and thought, ‘big Sailfish?’ The fish then launched completely out of the water and I found myself joined at the hip with a Marlin. The fight went on for almost an hour and a half, with countless blistering runs. I had reservations about landing this fish though was humbled I had actually hooked a Marlin, a species I had never thought I possibly would, let alone in a recreational boat.

James did extremely well to manoeuvre us into position, placing us down wind of the fish. With a text book landing we secured the Marlin with little protest, a feat I never thought conceivable.

The Marlin went a short length of 265cm and only after returning home was I able to fully appreciate the fact that my reel only had 170 meters of braid and the 7/0 Big Bait hooks which, although grossly under matched, proved the goods and held throughout the entire fight.

I don’t believe I would have stood a chance with any other brand of equal size and am glad I equipped with Gamakatsu.



Gamakatsu – Always reliable