Gamakatsu Worm Black

Estuary and beach fishing anglers using baits have hit the jackpot with the Gamakatsu Worm Hook Black. Gamakatsu hooks of Japan are world leaders in quality with the use of high quality steel resulting in a razor sharp chemically sharpened hook.

The worm black is an ultra fine gauge hook that allows for the presentation of delicate baits such as worms and pipis. It is outstanding for whiting but also suitable for other shy fish. The ultra fine wire used in this hook coupled with the opposing keepers at the top of the shank will keep any soft bait in place until a predatory fish finds it. It also has excellent penetration due to the fine wire used in its construction.

Traditionally available in red, the Worm black now compliments the most effective estuary and beach hook on the market.

Worm Blacks are available in 6, 4, 2, 1, 1/0 to 5/0 in pre-packs, 25 packs and 50 boxes.

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